Sharing amazing live chat software

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Sharing amazing live chat software

Post  HuongBui on Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:02 am

Hi guys,
Today I want to share you an amazing free chat tool for your site!
My online selling website has just launched 4 months ago and by chance, I saw the competitorís website installed live chat software.
And I thought, definitely, I had to install live chat software for my site too. But some of them were quite out of reach if I chose paid package. So, something free would be better for me at that time.
I searched a lot and chose Subiz live chat because:
- Itís free (the top priority for me). Happier, you can use it free forever.
- Itís more powerful than some software: can chat more visitors at the same time (5 visitors in maximum)
Also every week, I receive the chat statistic.
- Itís flexible. I can chat with visitors both on web browser and on IM chat client. But I prefer IM chat client because of its stability.
I also feel very simple to install Subiz for my site. I just followed three main steps:
- Register account on website Subiz, then active email to fulfill registration.
- Set up chat window on your website (by inserting code)
As you see from this image below, I put my chat window on the bottom left corner:

- Set up IM chat client (itís kind of Yahoo Messenger or Skype) . And I chose Pidgin.

And now, how to chat? Very easy, I have to say that.
After installing, I tested quickly and I was so nervous to wait result. And it worked effectively.
To be more specific, here the List of agents and visitors on Pidgin:

Every time visitors chat on my site, there would be some flicker effects on Pidgin. And the conversation starts:

Hope you guys like it like I do. After using Subiz for 2 months, Iíd really happy to see my sales increase significantly and more confident to support visitors every time they drop by.


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